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Lazy Days January 17, 2010

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Lazy days are my favorite.  They don’t happen very often around here.  I’ve had a very lazy weekend…and those RARELY happen.  Friday night Zeb and I came home from work…and just sat.  Zoë went to bed, and then we watched Lord of the Rings (Return of the King).  That movie, of course, lasted for 4 hours.  It was nice to have 4 hours to do whatever, so I played on the computer and watched the movie with my hubby while laying on the couch.  Fun times. 

Then, Saturday I stayed in my pj’s almost all day.  I put on some sweat pants around 5:00 pm so we could run to the thrift store.  LOL.  It was very shocking to not have anything going on.  Zoë was a super sweet kid all weekend, too…which made it so much better!  I didn’t feel rushed or like I should be doing something else.  I truly took my time to enjoy the relaxation that God provided.  Last night, I climbed in my bed…and watched a few episodes of Bones on Hulu.  (Zeb was out with a friend.)  It’s the small things, people! 🙂

This wasn’t an important post…but I just thought I’d share my special weekend.


Random Thoughts January 15, 2010

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First of all…how do all of you get your blogs to look so cute?!?  I want to do that!  I’m so not great at this blogging thing!

Anyway, so, I’ve been getting a lot of stuff organized and having meetings for this foster care/orphan ministry that I am helping to start at our church.  I’m SOOOOOO EXCITED about it.  I cannot wait to see what amazing things God is going to do with this ministry.  I met with a lady from Brook Hills to see how they got started and what they do there.  She was super nice, and she gave me a ton of great information.  They have got some INCREDIBLE ministries there for families.  I really hope that our church will respond to this call.  I’m meeting with the lady that is in charge of this ministry at Church of the Highlands on Monday.  She was super nice on the phone…so I look forward to meeting with her.  I have about 3 other people that I need to call from other churches…including the wonderful Wellspring Church (an AMiA church in Colorado where Clint and Theresa go).  ***side note…other than our church (St. Peter’s Anglican)…I’ve never been to another church that has just swept me off my feet like Wellspring did.  So, if any of you are ever in Denver, Colorado…you should check it out.

Okay, so I’m really nervous about starting this ministry BECAUSE OF WHAT GOD’S GOING TO DO.  I know He’s got some amazing things planned.  I don’t know what it is going to look like, work, etc.  If you know me, then you know that is very hard for me.  Zeb loves that about God.  He loves that he serves a God that doesn’t tell us all the answers.  I, on the other hand, have trouble with that.  I like knowing what is going to happen, how it will be organized, why we are doing things the way we are doing them.  But alas…I’m happier knowing that I do serve a God that is WAAAAYYYY bigger than I am and that sees ALL!

Also, if anyone is interested in foster care or how you can help with members in your church that are foster families…let me know.  I’ll get the info for you.  I’ve got connections now..lol.


PS….could someone for real tell me how to make my blog cute?