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Zoe is 15 months August 21, 2009

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Wow, time flies!  Zoe is 15 months today (and Trenton is 17 months)!
My little baby is quickly becoming a little girl.  She is not just a little girl, but she’s a GIRLIE GIRL!  How did that happen?  Her favorite toy is the new pink purse that her daddy bought her while we were at the beach.  It’s pretty hilarious to watch her walk around with that and her little bracelets.  I’ll admit, though, that I really do enjoy it.  Who knew?  I actually like the color pink?!?!  Can you believe it? 

Well, let’s see what’s new….oh, yes, we are about to go on a bazillion trips…which is super exciting!  We just got home from the beach two weekends ago.  Next weekend, I’m headed to TN to hang out with my sis and Veronica to have a much needed girls weekend.  Yay!  Then the following weekend we’re off to see our SPECIAL friends Jay, Sarah Kate, Lincoln, and Millie!  We are sooo excited about this trip…we haven’t gotten to spend much quality time together in a while…this will be fabulous!  Then in October…Zeb’s going on a camping trip with his Cullmanite friends.  And here’s the biggie trip…we are headed to Denver!!!!!  I’ve always wanted to go to Colorado, and Zeb talks about when he lived there a lot….so we are going to finally get to see some wonderful friends (Theresa, Clint, Joy, Jamie, and Breeson!)  This is one trip that I really didn’t expect to happen…but it did.  Thank you, Lord…we appreciate You putting Southwest in our lives!  🙂  We will be in Denver for a whole week!  And finally, if everything works out right…we are headed to Dallas in November for our friend, Will McCall’s wedding!  So, friends, we have a lot to look forward to in the coming months!


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