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Easter April 13, 2009

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Okay, so…we all know that Christian holidays have become super commercialized.  I get it.  That’s part of our world now.  But…do we as Christians sit and think about what these “holidays” really mean?  Our pastor (who is super wonderful…his name is John Richardson) asked the following question during his sermon yesterday “How many of us have felt the same way the day after Easter as we did the day before Easter…year after year?”  It made me think…that’s me.  I mean, yes, I do think about what it means that Christ died for us.  However, it’s not just at Easter.  But, really, the day after Easter shouldn’t be just another day…or should it?  We should be changed anyway.  We should be rejoicing day after day that our Lord has risen.  He’s the only God that has died for His people.  He is the only God that was willing to make that sacrifice.  Sometimes I do wonder what that really means for me.  I can’t grasp that at all.  I really can’t.

Anyway, more about this commercialization thing.  Okay, people get upset because Easter (to many) has become a fashion show.  It’s about getting more gifts that we don’t need or deserve.  It’s a time to play with the Easter Bunny and hunt Easter eggs.  Some people think this is terrible…and I get that if that’s all you do…then you don’t get what EAster is about.  However, why can’t we embrace that part, too, and have fun with it?  We let Zoë see Santa and the Easter Bunny (*gasp*)…and she got presents for Christmas and a small Easter Basket (from us..lol…and lots from everyone else..).  BUT..it is Mine and Zeb’s job as parents to teach her what Christmas and Easter and EVERY OTHER DAY is really about.  So, with that said…she’s going to hunt for eggs next year…and she’s gonna see Santa and the Easter Bunny again.  And you know what…she may even get a new dress just in time for Easter…but we will teach her that while these things are fun, this is not what her life is about. 

What do you guys think about this?  Give me your honest opinions.

PS…here are some pics from this weekend.  Please excuse my child…she really is a super happy baby…she just has a tendency to smile right until the instant the camera snaps!  (Just ask ANYONE who has ever tried to take her pics!)

Aunt Sneezles, Uncle Easter Bunny, & Zoë (she actually liked them…though, my dear sweet child never smiles at the camera)


Zoe and Aunt Manda

Zoe and Aunt Manda


3 Responses to “Easter”

  1. Manda Says:

    Please don’t take our fun away…we all know and celebrate the meaning of Easter and Christmas…I think we as a family do a great job of remembering and celebrating that…Christ comes first! With that said…Zoe girl is the only baby we can spoil and have fun with in our family right now, so please let us treat her like we were treated growing up! We didn’t turn out so bad, did we? Okay, so one of us turned into a clown, but your not so weird…um…nevermind, that’s not true…just let us have fun!!! :o)

  2. Joy George Says:

    Hey Holls,

    Great comments!! I actually totally agree with you. Not long ago, Jamie and I had the same conversation. What will do w/ our kids in these situations?? I believe it’s up to us as parents to train up our children in what the “real” Easter, Christmas, other holidays etc., is all about, but to maybe enjoy the other parts of celebrating (i.e., easter eggs). If our children only think Easter is only about the Easter bunny and eggs, then we as parents have failed; not the world who is imposing these traditions.

  3. Joy George Says:

    I will say this though…the easter bunny is freaky. I don’t think I’ve ever liked them. Have you ever seen “Donny Darko”??
    Plus, clowns scare me too. I’m not surprised Zoe is not smiling. I’d be freaked out too. 😦

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