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Saving Money March 27, 2009

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Some of you have asked me how I save money.  I’m going to give some more tips…basically websites that are AMAZ-ZA-ZING.  (Anyone know what movie that’s from?)  Anyway, I check these websites everyday to see what great deals they are going to show. 

One of my faves is www.dealseekingmom.com .  It’s a little overwhelming at first.  It’s got a ton of info.  There’s a little section on coupons that you can use at Wal-Mart to get stuff free.  (I’m not a huge fan of Wal-Mart right now simply because the people that work there are rude and customers are too…but sometimes I go for health/beauty aids.)  Also, if you sign up to receive the updates, it’ll tell you what the deals are at all the grocery stores plus what coupons to use.  They also give you links to get more coupons.

Another one is http://blog.al.com/bargain-mom/  I check this website daily.  She’s got tons of great stuff here in the ‘ham.  It can be random stuff that’s free to do for the weekend, new coupons, or it may just be a blog about someone she knows that is great at saving money.  Anyway, it’s random info that can be VERY helpful.

This has become another fave of mine: http://www.couponcravings.com/  holy cow…she’s got some coupons on this blog.  They aren’t always useful here in this area because we don’t have Friendlys (which is delicious) or Donut Connection, but there are other helpful coupons or other extras. 

If any of you watch Fox 6, then you should be well aware of who the bargainomics lady is.  If you aren’t familiar with her, then here’s her website to help you along.  It’s only updated like once a month…but those bargains really can help you!  http://bargainomics.com/ 

Also, don’t forget to join Publix Baby Club and Winn Dixie baby club for all you new moms (or about to be new moms).  Oh, and if you are preggo and have BCBS insurance, then there is a place where you register for the Baby To Be program ( i think that’s what it’s called).  A nurse will call you to get your info set up…and they send you TONS of great stuff in the mail.  It’s very helpful, too, if you have any questions about the pregnancy.

Umm…that’s all for today regarding the saving money.  I’m going to the grocery store for my monthly run next week…I’ll try to remember to post how much moolah I saved with my coupons (and BOGOs and clearance, etc).  🙂


2 Responses to “Saving Money”

  1. Rebecca M. Says:

    I was just introduced to the Grocery Game!!! I saved $71 the first week and $86 the second. Check it out : http://www.thegrocerygame.com

  2. […] I had heard Holly mention a few times about her coupons, but I shrugged it off thinking I’d have to be as organizing as her. That was until I realized how well she stayed on a grocery budget! In fact,click here for some tips and different websites from Holly. […]

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