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Our New President January 24, 2009

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Okay, so since I’ve kind of become a blogger (kinda)….I have not said anything about the election or our new president.  Well, I finally am about to talk a bit about it.  Honestly, I wasn’t a Barack Obama supporter.  I’m still not an “Obama supporter”, but I do pray for our new President.  I don’t agree with most of what his stance was, but we are told to pray for our leaders.  He needs support and prayer.  I was frustrated when he became president, but I’ve noticed a chance in some people since he has become president.

Okay, so this may turn into a controversial post, but I’m just gonna put it out there.  I don’t care that he is biracial.  (People, he is biracial…not black, not white, not Native American, not any one race).  I don’t care that he is so young.  That was a non issue to me.  I cared about what he supported ethically and morally.  I wasn’t a huge John McCain supporter, either.  I thought he was a little too liberal for my taste.  I did REALLY like Sarah Palin.  What really annoyed me, though, was that MOST PEOPLE keep talking about our first Black President.  He’s not.  He’s BIRACIAL.  Okay…that’s what I needed to say.  If he was voted in simply because of that…I completely disagree.  On the other side of that, though, I have noticed a chance in some people simply because he is in office.  I think that is wonderful.  If he is the man that has given hope to another culture…then that is great!  Honestly, that makes me truly happy deep within. 

I will never understand what it’s like to need someone to become president to validate who I am.  I’ve been truly blessed in that aspect.  So, if the only thing that Barack Obama does while in office is give people hope…then I’m okay with that.  I truly pray that the Lord would use President Obama in a great way.  There’s a man and woman at our church that pray for him out loud…and have for months.  They’ve prayed for both of the presidential candidates…and now they pray for President Obama.  That is very respectful. 

So, basically….if you don’t get anything else from this blog….it’s that while I’m not excited about the new president….I think there really has been at least one change for the better.  I am interested to see how the next four years go.


One Response to “Our New President”

  1. Ellen Hearn Says:

    Holly, Love the pics of Zoe – she is beautiful. Must take after her long lost cousin – haha.
    Now to politics – I am an Obama supporter. I think John McCain could have won, but he went a little spacey there and at times it was like he was the one running for VP and Sarah for Pres. I did not like Sarah Palin – I had people tell me she’s a woman you need to vote for a woman – I have never voted because of a party, religion or if they are a woman or man. I agree with you that Obama has given people hope in a world that was having little of it. People need that and I pray for him also that things will change in this country. We needed a change and I think he will be it. I also agree with you – he is Biracial – people would say to me he is black and I’d say no he isn’t he’s half white. If his skin was as light as mine they would say he is white – go figure.
    I also like the VP – he is a family friend and is a great guy and also from the great state of Delaware:) I think Joe & Barak can do lots for the country. They will make a good team.
    Gotta get back to work, but great to hear from you!

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