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Christmas Has Come & Gone December 29, 2008

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I just can’t believe Christmas has come and gone already!  I still get so excited about Christmas.  I woke up around 5:00 am, and I had to force myself to go back to sleep.  Zoe woke up at about 6:20 am…and I was like, “Zeb…she knows it’s Christmas”…so I jumped up and got her bottle ready so we could start the day.  I think deep down…I still kind of believe in Santa. 

Oh speaking of Santa…I’ve got to tell you this.  We were at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve….when all of the sudden there was this loud CRASH on the roof.  We all ran outside….and there was a limb that had fallen on the house and then on our car.  We were joking around about it being Santa.  Well, then early early early Christmas morning…there was a LOUD CRASH in our house.  All of my pens had fallen out of the holder they were in….but really…I think it truly was Santa.  He knows I still believe.  He just wanted me to be sure I knew he was there.  It’s kind of like the bell in the Polar Express 🙂

So, Christmas was fun with Zoe this year.  We didn’t get her a ton of stuff…just because she didn’t need it.  She had a blast opening presents so she could play with the wrapping paper.  That was pretty funny…she’d pull it off and shove it in her mouth.  (ah, don’t you just love that age)  My aunt and  uncle got her this super sweet wagon…it’s got seatbealts, a place to store a juice box, and a canopy!  We pulled her around the house with her Elmo (from Nina and Papa) sitting across from her.  It was really cute!  She also got this thing from her Aunt Manda that shoots balls in the air.  She just stares at that and tries to figure it out.  Her Grandmama got her one of the original Care Bears.  (I’m hoping her Aunt Manda doesn’t have a flashback from her childhood and try to steal it.)  Oh, and she also got this little bibs from her Granddaddy…they are dress blues and one says “The few, the proud, the cute” (Zeb’s dad was in the Marines…)  All in all…she had a great Christmas!

So here we are…back at work….with less than 365 days left for it all to happen again 🙂  Really, I’m a little sad when Christmas time is over….it’s my favorite time of the year.  HOWEVER, now that Christmas is over…it does mean my BIRTHDAY is almost here!  Woo hoo!  Saturday I will be a quarter of a century old.  Yay!  I love my b’day….it’s always exciting.  (And I already got my freakin’ awesome birthday gift…..I GOT A CRICUT CREATE! ….if you aren’t a scrapbooker then you won’t know what that is….but basically it is a small computer that prints fonts and stuff….super nice thing.)

Well, I’m done for a little bit….maybe more to come later!


Almost Christmas December 23, 2008

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I can’t believe Christmas is in two days?!?  It came so fast this year. We’ve all been kind of sick the last few months….and I had walking pneumonia for a little over two weeks…so Christmas doesn’t seem like it’s supposed to be here yet.  Zeb did do something super sweet for me.  I’ve been sick so I haven’t had the opportunity to decorate our house…or our tree.  Well, I went shopping with my mom Sunday and when I got home….Zeb was decorating the tree!  Yay!  That was sooo wonderful.  Now I get to see the Christmas lights.

I love Christmas.  It’s always my favorite time of the year.  I enjoy the lights, the cool air (when it’s actually cool here), and the excitement that Christmas brings.  It actually is a little different this year with Zoe.  It makes the true meaning of Christmas a little more “special” because I understand a little more what God did when He sent His son to us.  It’s just sooo crazy to think about that little baby saving the whole world.  I can only imagine what Mary was thinking (A) when she found out she was preggo w/o being married, (B) knowing that her son was going to be a Savior, and (C)….realizing that the little boy she was holding…would have to die.  Ugh…I really can’t imagine having lost our first little boy…what it would be like to know as you are carrying that child…that you will “lose” him.

Anyway, back to loving Christmas time…..it’s just fun.  This year we are doing Christmas a tad bit different.  Instead of going to Zeb’s parents on the 23rd (which would be today) and spending the night so we can be there Christmas Day….we are going Friday.  Unfortunately, Zeb and I both have to work tomorrow…but it’s okay.  We are bringing Zoe to work with us…and only working half a day.  Christmas Day will be spent at my parent’s house…which is FINALLY completely done.  We will be there all day.  Of course, though, we must follow tradition on Christmas Day.  “What is your tradition?” you ask?!?  Well, Christmas morning, we get up…and we go to my parents house.  We are allowed to look in our stocking BUT NOT OPEN THE PRESENTS.  (Holy cow…that’s a huge NO NO).  Then we all eat breakfast together.  After we clean up the breakfast, someone reads the Christmas story.  (Funny side note…when I was like 10 or 11…someone gave me this book that is the 3 Minute Bible Stories….so I begged to use that as the book to read from instead of the actual Bible because it was only 3 minutes compared to however long the version is you read from the Bible.  I know, how sad….yet so smart!!!)  Last year Zebbie read the story.  Usually Daddy reads it…but we’ll see who gets volunteered this year.  After we read about baby Jesus, we sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus.  Then we pray…..and then the presents are opened!  We usually pass them all out and start opening them.  When we were younger…Manda and I would get our presents first and tear into them.  I never understood why my parents were okay with waiting until we were done to open theirs…now I get it.  It’s a lot of fun seeing everyone else open their presents.

Whew…I guess I’ve worn everyone out now with my babbling.  I just love it!  I’m so excited just thinking about Christmas.  Zeb is wanting to surprise me with a gift he went to get today…I’m interested to see what he gets.  He’s building me a scrapbook desk as my big gift.  I think he’ll be done with it closer to my b’day (in two weeks).  I think he’ll like his gifts.  He’s pretty fun to buy for.  Zoe isn’t getting tooo much this year.  She’s kind of at this weird age where she doesn’t have a clue….and she’ll just want to play with the cardboard boxes rather than the toys.  I don’t really know what to get her b/c  they don’t make a lot of toys for a 7 month old.  It’ll be fun, though.  We are going to dress her up in her Christmas Outfit which is absolutley adorable.  I’ll have to find a pic to put on here.


Thanksgiving December 1, 2008

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I love holidays.  I really do.  Sometimes, though, Zeb and I get so stressed out that they aren’t fun anymore.  Then we make up and are good to go.  It seems to happen at every holiday, but it’s pretty much always at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  (We have some funny Christmas stories.)  I hate that about the holidays, though.  Part of the excitement is the anticipation and cooking and getting Zoe ready.  Maybe one day it’ll be different…though, I doubt it.

Well, here is what we did for Thanksgiving.  For lunch, we went to my parent’s house.  (Yay…their house is finally done!)  What we didn’t know was that there was confusion, and Zeb’s parents thought we were coming there for lunch.  Well, we drove to Cullman after that to Zeb’s parents house.  We spent the night there, and it was nice to just hang out there Friday.  Friday we got a Christmas tree!  We didn’t steal it off of someone else’s property.  (Zeb promised me last year that we would legally get a tree this year….now that we have a little girl.) 

Anyway, we are slowly but surely getting our Christmas stuff together.  I went to Michael’s Friday night (which by the way, is the best time to still get some great sales without ANYONE else shopping), and I got two pre-lit trees for our yard for like $14!  I was so excited!!!  I always get super excited when we start putting up our Christmas stuff….it’s so fun.  I think it’ll be fun for Zoe.  She seems to enjoy looking at the lights…so hopefully it’ll be fun for her. 

I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll try to figure out how to post pictures again soon.