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Sweet Baby November 12, 2008

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Roll Tide
Roll Tide

This is Zoe while she was staying with her Aunt Manda and Uncle John while Zeb and I were on our cruise.  Can you tell our family roots for the Number 1 team in the nation?!?!

Zoe is sick right now…which isn’t so much fun.  She’s had a hard time sleeping through the night…which in turn makes it hard for us to sleep.  She just has a cold.  Last night, though, she slept in her car seat so that she’d sit up…and that seemed to help A LOT!  These are some of the times when it’s wonderful being a mommy and it’s rough. 

One Response to “Sweet Baby”

  1. ashley Says:

    Awww!! She’s so big! Not exactly a newborn anymore, haha!! I want more pictures! 🙂

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