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Sweet Baby November 12, 2008

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Roll Tide
Roll Tide

This is Zoe while she was staying with her Aunt Manda and Uncle John while Zeb and I were on our cruise.  Can you tell our family roots for the Number 1 team in the nation?!?!

Zoe is sick right now…which isn’t so much fun.  She’s had a hard time sleeping through the night…which in turn makes it hard for us to sleep.  She just has a cold.  Last night, though, she slept in her car seat so that she’d sit up…and that seemed to help A LOT!  These are some of the times when it’s wonderful being a mommy and it’s rough. 

A Crazy Life

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So, I was writing the “About” page, and I realized that maybe I should just go ahead and write a post about my life.  It seems easier to do it this way.  Basically, this will be a “quick” way to share what the past 6 years have been like for me.

I graduated Shades Valley High School in May ’02….and headed north to Ocean City, MD where I was a summer missionary.  I returned home for a week in August ’02, then headed up to Maryville College in TN.  While in Ocean City…I really felt that the Lord was calling me to be a missionary which scared the crap out of me.  I didn’t really know what or how to do that.  I wasn’t really looking forward to it…but deep down…I knew that was what the Lord was telling me that I’m supposed to do. 

Okay, fast forward, again.  I went to Maryville and had a blast.  However, I just had this feeling that I wasn’t supposed to stay at Maryville….which hurt my feelings.  I loved my roommate (Michelle), and I loved the city of Maryville.  I enjoyed my classes.  It was exactly what I wanted college to look like for me.  I wasn’t doing anything crazy and stupid…I was just really enjoying life….but I knew it wasn’t what I needed to continue to do.  So, in November I started searching for schools that had Missions courses.  I didn’t want to go to a Bible College ,per se.  (Basically, I wanted to stay at Maryville.)  I talked to my friend, Suzanne, whose dad taught at Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham.  UGH…Birmingham again.  I didn’t want to live in Birmingham anymore.  Oh, well, I applied anyway…and got accepted. 

Well, my first day of orientation at Southeastern Bible College was the first day I had ever stepped on campus.  I was angry and frustrated and not excited about being there at all.  So, my first semester (’03) was spent going to class and leaving immediately.  I didn’t want to make friends.  I didn’t care about anything but doing my work and graduating.  However, that didn’t didn’t last too terribly long.  I started making friends…and actually enjoyed hanging out with some people.  That summer, I went to Grand Canyon, AZ to be a missionary there…and again, when I returned home…I knew without a doubt I was supposed to be a missionary.

Okay, fast forward, October ’04 I got engaged…and was supposed to get married in June ’05.  That didn’t work out.  I was devestated at the time b/c I was going through so much personal stuff that most people didn’t know about.  This was the time that I became great friends with SK and Ashley….misery seeks company I guess.  We were all three going through some really crappy times….so we became almost instant friends.  Because of this friendship, we all began praying together each week….which led to a dream come true (in more ways than one).  We all were preparing to go to Russia….

Our team that was preparing to go to Russia consisted of a bunch of broken hearted college students…and two leaders who, too, had been hurt.  Our mission was go to to an orphanage in Russia and love on some kids.  So, Zeb, Isaac, Sarah Kate, Ashley, Crystal, Squeaky, and I began getting ready for Russia.  We would meet as often as possible…which in turn made us hang out outside of team meetings.  Zeb and I would hang out quite a bit.  However, we were both hurt from previous relationships…so we weren’t hanging out in order to date.  We really just enjoyed each other’s company…a lot.  🙂 

April ’06…we went to Russia.  My life was forever changed.  The Lord used a little boy by the name of Alyosha to show me to how open myself up to love….and that I did.  My heart overflowed with love for those kids…and the people of Russia.  And before I knew it, my heart overflowed with love for Zeb…which scared me to death. 

May ’06…I graduated college…the first in my family!  🙂  That was exciting, but my heart was still fragile from what I had just experienced in Russia…so I couldn’t fully take in my graduation. 

June ’06…Zeb and I started dating….after much discussion….we knew that we were meant to be together.  All of the pain and frustration had led us to one another.  (Anyone know Rascal Flatts?  They have a song called “The Broken Road”….very much an accurate account of us.)  Zeb and I started dating and having a blast.  It was easy.  We weren’t concerned about the other one leaving us for ridiculous reasons.  We fought like cats and dogs…and then laughed when we made up for our fights (which are usually over hypothetical situations).

December 24th, 2006….Zeb proposed…and it was super romantic….which still makes me giggle and get butterflies when I think about it. 

February 24th, 2007….we were married.  If you came to our wedding…you’ll know why I am laughing as I write this….think WINDY, cold, and outside.  Our wedding definitely did not go as planned from the weather to the music….but you better believe that we had the TIME OF OUR LIVES.  It was soooo much fun….and so full of love…and that’s what that matters.

April ’07/May ’07…we went to Russia again….a different feeling/sight…..encouraging.

June 15th….we found out we were pregnant.  Holy crap, this was a surprise.  I wasn’t happy at first…due to several personal reasons.  I was scared to death.  Zeb was excited….which helped me get excited….

June 21st….we signed the papers on our first house in Irondale.

July 18th…we lost our little baby.  He made his way up to Heaven to be with God.  We were both heart broken…but yet, we had a peace…truly one that is beyond our understanding. 

September…got a new puppy…a sweet little bitty puppy.  Then a week later…found out we were pregnant again.  WHAT THE HECK?!?  We were surprised yet soooo excited….yet scared to death.  Too much for a year…just too much.

May 21, 2008–we had our little girl..Zoe.  She is beautiful and wonderful.

November 12th….here I am…typing a short version of the last 7 years.  HOLY CRAP…life goes by sooo fast.  I’m content and happy…with my husband, children, puppy, and house.  This is what I dreamed about…and now here it is.